We have a dedicated Property Management department ready to assist you in all facets of residential property investment.

The key to property management is communication between tenants, the property manager and the landlord. Managing your greatest asset is a responsibility that we undertake with surety and professionalism.

Wood Real Estate is focused on:

  •  Strong long term management of property
  •  High attention to detail when managing your Investment
  • Providing quality and efficient service
  • The right management team that can make all the difference to your property renting experience and the return on your investment.
  • Our guarantee that the experience Wood Real Estate provides will not only be one you'll profit from, but one you'll also enjoy.

What is your Property Worth?

- We are constantly monitoring the market and initiating appropriate rental reviews on your behalf.

- Achieving optimum rent means knowing the market and having the skills to negotiate the best possible rental rate.

The Rental Process:

  • As soon as you have chosen Wood Real Estate as your Property Management Team we will jump straight into action.
  • We will advertise your investment property on 15 different websites, we will also arrange newspaper advertising and conduct an Open House on the week end or during the week whichever is suited to you.
  • Getting the right Tenant for your investment property is very important. At Wood Real Estate we check everything from previous employment and rental history, cross reference all documents and names, as well as four reference checks, and a TICA database search.
  • Once a tenant has been selected, Wood Real Estate will then complete a number of reports. Your investment property is thoroughly inspected inside and out, top to bottom and an ingoing inspection report is completed prior to commencement of the tenancy.
  • In addition, we take a comprehensive library of internal and external photographs which are kept on file. The Tenant is required to check, complete & sign the inspection report and advise us of any discrepancies. When a tenant concludes their tenancy, a Final Inspection is completed and compared to the ingoing inspection report.
  • Wood Real Estate will inspect your investment on the first three months of a new tenant moving in and then every 6 months after this. A full written report will be supplied to you after each inspection and the tenant will be advised of any area that needs attention; ie, the garden needs a tidy up.

Monitoring Arrears:

  • Our Property Management Team are monitoring rental payments every day and have setup a very effective systematic strategy to ensure all tenancies are kept up to date in payments.
  • The key to our effectiveness is having good communication & a friendly relationship with all our tenants and landlords.
  • Our procedure is that after 3 - 4 days in arrears, a reminder will be sent, 5 -7 days a follow up from the reminder notice, 8 - 11 days I will negotiate with landlord and set up a payment plan, 15 days in arrears upon approval from landlord Termination will be issued.
  • We believe careful monitoring and personal contact with tenants generally prevents this situation arising.